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asian video screencaps
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This is SOSHIJI™, an asian video screencaps sharing community. Soshiji means sausage in Korean. I picked the name randomly, so don't ask too much x) This community is maintained by pandamilk. Soshiji is LOCKED to prevent hotlinking of images. JOINING is just a click away!

Community Rules
Before proceeding, READ THE RULES first!

Screencap Archive
To see what videos have been capped and shared in Soshiji, view the MEMORIES. As the caps come, I'll continue organising them into their respective categories. If you wish to make caps of a video that has already been capped, you may do so, preferably if it's of a different (or better/higher) quality.

Frequently Asked Questions
They're not really frequently asked because I thought of the possible questions myself, but you know. Mm yeah. If you need to ask something, COMMENT HERE.

  • Are we only allowed to post screencaps of asian music videos?
    Ok ok let me list a few examples of the kinds of screencaps you can post :D

    - asian music videos
    - asian movies
    - asian dramas (e.g. banjun drama, rainbow romance)
    - asian variety programs (e.g. loveletter, x-man, driving school)
    - asian concerts
    - asian music performances (e.g. music bank, inkigayo)
    - interviews of asian musicians/singers
    - asian music festivals/events (e.g. a-nation, award shows)
    - video recordings of asian radio shows (e.g. kiss the radio)
    - asian cfs

    All these are fine, as long as they feature asian musicians/singers :) So you get the idea. While Soshiji is still a baby, I'll try keep things categorised under asian AND music. Still, I don't mind suggestions or if you'd like to clarify something, go ahead and COMMENT HERE. No posting of caps from fancams though! If you wish to post caps of asian movies you can also post at bamboo_house. Help them expand their archives, yeah? ^^;

  • How do you make screencaps?
    Refer to THIS TUTORIAL. It's simple, really :D I've included tutorials to 3 players in that entry. Now you can make your own caps, yay!

  • Who's that guy in the default icon?
    Ryeowook from Super Junior XD

  • Umm can I...*shuffles feet* promote my community here?
    Sorry, but NO promoting because I don't wish to reach a point where the ratio of promotions to screencap posts becomes 871633 : 1. You can, however, affiliate with Soshiji and I'll help you do the promoting by putting your community in the affiliates list and plugging you now and then in the mod posts :) Isn't that easier? But of course!

  • Can I use the caps posted to do icons and graphics?
    This is a sharing community, so yes you may use the caps for graphics and the like. HOWEVER! You must credit the person who did the screencaps and NOT claim screencaps as your own. Screencapping may be easy to do but they when they've taken time to screencap videos for sharing and it's not being appreciated, it'll break their hearts :( Also, respect the poster if he/she decides that their screencaps are only meant for viewing in this community and are not to be taken out, etc etc. Let's all be nice, ok?

  • What about hotlinking the already uploaded caps?
    Needless to say, NO HOTLINKING. It's EVIL.

    Affiliate if your community/journal is anything asian related! I looovveee affiliates XD Affiliate with Soshiji? ♥
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