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05 October 2006 @ 06:29 pm
Calling All Screencappers!
If you do screencapping and have a decent collection of videos, leave your video list here if you don't mind taking requests from people and capping for them at your own pace :D I will then update this post with your list and will also put up notices for you to check if anyone has requested video screencaps from you ^^

Leave your username, # of days you approximately need to cap/upload here and your video list.

Have A Request?
If you need screencaps of a certain show or video, you can leave your requests in this post. The request list will then be updated and all you have to do is wait for your caps to come! Do understand that all of us have lives too, so we may not necessarily acede to your requests immediately. Hopefully your request will be fulfilled within a few days, but be prepared to wait a week or so if the capper is not able to post up the caps.

Please DO NOT bug the capper or leave numerous comments in this post or at the cappers' personal journals to ask when the caps are going to be uploaded because it's just...rude. They ARE gonna help you afterall :)

Also, be sure to check the MEMORIES so that you won't request for something that has already been posted ♥

Pending Requests
Comment on this post if you have a request :D !
  • ciarline - Any MVs by DBSK/Super Junior
  • miranda_baka - DBSK- O-Jung.Ban.Hab [ Posted! ] + DBSK- My Destiny

    Cappers On Hiatus
  • pandamilk
  • youenvyme

    Will hopefully be back soon. Sorry for the long wait and all, but I think education's still a priority. Hope you'd understand yeah? ^^

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    24 September 2006 @ 02:51 pm
    UPDATE (25 September 2006): I have added two more tutorials for Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic :D

    In this simple tutorial, you'll learn how to make captures of your favourite videos using PowerDVD 5, Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic. If you're unsure of anything, feel free to ask! I'll try my best to assist you :)

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    24 September 2006 @ 12:03 am
    Welcome to SOSHIJI, a livejournal community dedicated to those who find asian music videos irresistable and therefore resort to capping it, but later realise that they have no use for the caps but find the caps too beautiful to be banished to the *gasp* trash can! Even if some of them capping-addicts actually have use for the caps, they actually feel amazingly generous enough to share their caps to the masses and spread the love ♥

    (Lame introduction aside, moving on!)

    SOSHIJI means sausage in Korean. It's a random name I picked for the community and it's short enough to remember, so. Soshiji is mantained by me, pandamilk! Affiliates are always welcome, so comment on this post to affiliate, mkay? ^^

    Rules are annoying, but they're necessary. I don't give unreasonable rules though, do I?
  • Screencaps must be done by yourself. No stealing, please :(
  • Put all screencaps under an LJ-cut!
  • You can post a maximum of 2 screencap previews of width 300px before the cut :D
  • Screencaps must not exceed 600px in width. Spare a thought for the 56k-ers.
  • Post a minumum of 10 caps, please! I might increase this number, we'll see.
  • TRY to have .jpeg or .gif screencaps because they're smaller in size and load faster.
  • Yes, you can impose your own rules on your screencaps (who to credit, etc).
  • And yes, it's totally up to you if you decide to zip up the other 835 caps that you didn't show and put it up for download.
  • Fill in your post's tags with the name of the artist and song title. This is for easier future reference.


    Questions, whatever, whatever, comment on this post! x)

    For FAQs, refer to the USERINFO. Useful information, really :)
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